Thanks for sharing that insight to how you feel - at the risk of throwing some feminists under the bus, I see a lot of what you describe from those who claim to strive to "equality" but are really reaching for the upper hand. My goal wasn't necessarily to convince anyone or give an exposition on the state of affiars, just a practice in flexing my writing muscle in a new genre and potentially start some dialogue.

It seems to have accomplished that but was not intended to sling insults. In learning more about satire, it seems one of the distinguishing features is taking something small or mundane and forcing it under a microscope to the point it becomes humorous. I've read the sign of good satire is that you sometimes don't realize it's satirical until afterwards. I don't know what that says about my piece, but the comment of "taking one for the team" is representative of how change won't happen on a broader scale until individuals who hold privilege and power are willing to redistribute said privilege and power more equitably. I've been thinking about this a lot as I'm currently taking an anti-racism course and this is a theme that comes up in every single class. I've been trying to see parallels in other place to reinforce what I'm learning there. I offer that for some additional context, but recognize that nuance is not likely to come through in shorter, satirical pieces like this one.

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