Thanks for reading, and sorry to hear you’ve been equally frustrated. I know there are exceptions, as with all things and this article wasn’t intended to speak in the binary of “all men” or “not all men”. I shared the disclaimer that this story reflects my personal experience in the cis-het dating scene but that door swings both ways. I have no doubt there are just as many troubling scenarios for men seeking relationships with women.

I read your recent piece and at the risk of making an assumption, I think it sounds like we share similar views on the topic. I can tell you’ve put a lot of time and reflection into making yourself a good partner and I hope your streak of disappointment comes to an end soon. The nice thing about Medium is that is can be used to air personal grievances, rant about whatever topic you choose, etc. so look forward to reading more of your pieces in the future. Thanks again for taking time to respond and share your thoughts.

Lover of carbs and puns, call me Cara Carbstreet | Anxious Millennial | Coffee Enthusiast | Non-diet Dietitian

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