Hey thanks for reading and taking time to respond. This was indeed satirical but based on something that happened (obviously names/details have been changed). Primary goal was just to channel frustration into a more productive outlet (I found this piece helpful: https://writingcooperative.com/the-healing-power-of-writing-satire-f2f088e2193).

But the premise I worked from is that the illusion of dominance is just that - something we can never actually achieve in a healthy relationship, nor something we should strive for. What's interesting to me about this premise (because I agree, I think it only exacerbates frustrations) is that even people who are generally self-aware and attuned to the needs of their partners slip up sometimes because we have the conditioning of living in a patriarchal society. It doesn't mean we're bad partners, it's just a reflection that we can't always avoid acting on the implicit biases we hold because of the culture we live in.

As to your last point, please correct me if I'm not understanding, but it sounds like this is pinpointing the difference between the individual and the collective. We do tend to generalize, as our brains are always seeking the path of least resistance. Separating experiences into binary categories of "yes/no" or "right/wrong" is simpler, but not always accurate or representative of "all men" or "all women". I don't necessarily see it as a problem because I don't want to fault people for responding in a similar way I would, but I do try to point it out when it's needed. If there's one thing I can't let go, it's flawed logic (I see it all the time with nutrition advice/wellness recs) and it's nice to have a healthy debate with someone who's willing to engage.

What are your thoughts on it?

Lover of carbs and puns, call me Cara Carbstreet | Anxious Millennial | Coffee Enthusiast | Non-diet Dietitian

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