Here’s why this new social media app has an edge on all the others

Clubhouse is the new kid on the block. But is it just the app de jour, like Periscope or Vine, or the next big thing in social networking?

I first heard whispers of it around the end of 2020. I read a helpful article that provided an overview and I…

This costly type of property theft is on the rise

You know how financial gurus will advise having a “rainy day” account for unforeseen expenses? Well, my rainy day arrived on a Tuesday night at approximately 8:09 p.m.

My partner and I ran back the footage from our building’s security camera. As we watched the screen, we saw a white…

Let’s bust the myth of rigid food rules and embrace flexibility

The time: 5:37 p.m. on Tuesday night.

The scene: utter chaos in and around the kitchen table.

The mood: I’m going to rip my hair out if we don’t eat NOW.

This exact scenario may not describe your reality, but I’m betting you’ve experienced something similar at some point. …

Three reasons why this “mostly symbolic” argument sucks

On January 6, 2021, my productivity level ground to a halt around 1 o’clock p.m. CST. My phone buzzed. A short text from my partner. “Are you watching the news?”

I wasn’t but figured there must be something going on. …

I confirmed it’s on its way so I’m getting my shopping list ready

I’m blessed to live in the United States of America. We’re obviously handling the coronavirus pandemic with grace and competence. And thanks to the caring, compassionate legislators that run the show around here, I’m about to get a few unearned Benjamins.

I mean, how lucky, RIGHT?! I didn’t have to…

Say goodbye to bland, boring veggies and hello to something you actually want to eat

I consider it a personal mission to help you eat food that doesn’t suck.

As a dietitian, I’ve listened to countless people tell me that they want to eat better, enjoy their food more, and break free from food rules that leave them feeling deprived and hungry.

All too often…

This guy should be judged for what he did to his daughter

As a general rule, I do not judge parents or parenting styles.

That’s because I’m not a parent.

I’m child-free by choice — the reasons for which aren’t relevant to this story — so I don’t see it as my place to pass judgment or criticism onto those who do…

And what I learned about the world and my writing

I’ve been as absent from this platform as I’ve ever been.

My first published story went live on Medium in July 2019. Which feels simultaneously as if it were yesterday and a lifetime ago. I wrote it in response to a Human Parts prompt and it was immensely helpful for…

Here’s the career advice I wish I would have gotten at 16

I was a junior in high school when I turned 16. A bit later than my friends and classmates, resulting from a mutual decision between my parents and the district administration to allow me to skip third grade. …

IDGAF what you think

Last year I published a piece called “What Most Men Don’t Understand About Living In Fear”. I described an unsettling personal experience and went on to share thoughts on street harassment, white male privilege, and why dealing with the patriarchy can be frustrating. …

Cara Harbstreet (She/Her)

Lover of carbs and puns, call me Cara Carbstreet | Anxious Millennial | Coffee Enthusiast | Non-diet Dietitian

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